How a Calm Vape Can Help Ease Stress and Anxiety

A calm vape can help ease stress and anxiety, as well as provide a natural, healthy way to get some restful sleep. The calming effects of CBD interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce cortisol levels and promote relaxation. There are a number of other terpenes in these vape oils that can also have a calming effect, such as myrcene, nerolidol and limonene. These terpenes create what is called the entourage effect, in which the interaction between cannabinoids and other compounds such as terpenes enhances the therapeutic properties of the plant.

What are the side effects of CBD vape pen?

CBD LUXe’s BE Calm vape cartridge features a blend of lavender, chamomile and valerian to soothe the mind, while also providing a good night’s sleep. This formula contains CBD and a custom TerpFX terpene blend that includes myrcene, nerolidol, and linalool to support the soothing effects of CBD. This pod is designed to work with a special battery that features smart heat ramp and thermal protection, plus a clean ceramic wick.

This Calm disposable vape pen is formulated with the help of expert pharmacists and comes in a convenient, ready-to-use format that’s perfect for puffing on the go. Its 10:1 CBD to THC ratio is complemented with naturally-occurring terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene (found in black pepper, cloves and balsam) and limonene (present in citrus fruits and juniper).

This vaporizer pen has a draw activated design and comes prefilled with 1 gram of premium quality broad spectrum CBD distillate. The vape is made with a mixture of organic ingredients, free of artificial additives and chemicals. Each device is lab tested to ensure quality.

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Womens Sports Wear and Athleisure

womens sports wear

In womens sports wear , performance calls for clothing that will transfer sweat away from the body, keeping the skin cool and dry. In addition, garments must be insulated against cold environments or wind and water (for skiing, mountain climbing). Many athletes layer their sportswear: a moisture transferring base, such as spandex, is worn next to the skin, then an insulating mid-layer, such as fleece, and finally a weather resistant outer shell piece, such as a rain jacket or wind and water proof pants.

While most men’s and women’s sportswear is designed in the same fashion, there are differences that make it possible to create more functional designs. For example, the length of a skirt or dress, sleeve length, and the location of seams all influence comfort, fit and durability.

Fashion Meets Fitness: Stylish Women’s Sports Wear for an Active Lifestyle

In the 1910s, as suffragettes struggled for the right to vote, female participation in sports was on the rise. Women needed clothes that would allow their bodies to move freely, but also respect the norms of the day. Garments were adapted from daywear styles, with a focus on ease of care and simple active silhouettes. Suzanne Lenglen revolutionized women’s tennis, shedding long skirts and lace corsets for short-sleeved pleated dresses that allowed her to play more vigorously in competition.

Today, Nike remains the leader in women’s sportswear, though Lululemon and Under Armour are challenging it. In addition, the athleisure movement is fueling a shift in the perception of sportswear as more than just athletic gear. Many consumers see it as a viable, if not alluring, alternative to the traditional dress code.

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Kettlebell Abs – 2 Ways to Challenge Your Abs With the Kettlebell

kettlebell abs

The kettlebell is a great tool for challenging your abs, and incorporating it into your workout can make the difference between feeling good or not after your session. It’s a weight that requires some level of control to keep in check, so it’s not for beginners — but even if you haven’t mastered the basics, there are many ways to make the most of your training with this exercise. URL kettlebell abs –

1. Kettlebell Windmill x 8-12

Start by lying on the floor in a star position (arms and legs out to the sides at about 45 degrees). With a kettlebell in both hands, press the bell straight up over your chest and then lower it down behind you as far as you can without letting the back of your shoulder lift off the ground or flaring your ribcage forward. Squeeze your abs and core to keep the torso stable as you bring the kettlebell back to the starting position. This is one rep.

Unlocking Core Power: Kettlebell Ab Workouts for a Strong and Defined Midsection

Stand with feet hip-width apart, a kettlebell in one hand down by your side, and the other arm held out at shoulder height or straight down in front of you to create tension. Keeping your core engaged, drag the kettlebell across your body, or out to either side of you, pulling it under and over your leg and then up again. Repeat for 30 seconds on each side and then switch sides. This move works your obliques and also challenges the muscles that stabilize your spine in your low-back, says Duncan.

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Lighting Tower Hire Specialists – Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tower Light

Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

About Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

If your customers work in the film and TV industry, they may need lighting tower hire on their job sites to allow them to continue working after daylight has gone. You can help them choose the right equipment to keep their crews on track and ensure they meet their production deadlines by explaining some of the most important factors when choosing a light tower.

Case Studies: Successful Lighting Projects with the Help of Specialists

The first thing to consider is the mast height on a particular tower light. Different products have different mast heights, which will impact on how much area they can illuminate. Talk to your friendly tool hire company about the tower lighting specifications that will detail this and the lamp configuration on each product, as well as lumens and how many lamp heads are available, which also impact the maximum area that can be illuminated.

Another factor to take into consideration is the power output of each tower light. Different brands of lighting towers offer different levels of power, with metal halide lights requiring more power to be fully lit than LED lamps, which require less power and provide more focused light. You should be able to find details about this on your tool hire company’s website, and your customer service team will also be able to assist you.

Once your customers have chosen the ideal tower light for their needs, it’s important to give them proper operation and maintenance instructions with each one to ensure they stay safe on the job site. This will help them get the most out of their purchase and turn one-off rental customers into repeat clients.

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