About Louis

Get to know Louis Griffiths

Louis Griffiths is a digital media specialist at the American Museum of Natural History’s Online Division (AMNH Online). Born in Texas, Louis has always been passionate about the sciences. He studied computer science and design at The University of Texas at Austin before heading to New York City to pursue his career.

At AMNH Online, Louis works on developing interactive experiences for online visitors. He designs websites, creates engaging content, and develops strategies for increasing online engagement with the museum’s offerings. His passion for the sciences is clear in his work as he creates opportunities for users to explore and engage with scientific topics through exciting digital experiences.

When he isn’t working, Louis loves spending time outdoors exploring nature or playing sports. He also enjoys playing video games and listening to music. In addition, Louis has volunteered with community organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of America where he mentors young people who are interested in technology and STEM fields.

Louis Griffiths’ dedication to combining technology and science makes him an invaluable asset to AMNH Online. His enthusiasm and creativity have enabled him to develop innovative solutions which help users better engage with the museum’s collections online.

Louis also has a strong commitment to making science more accessible to everyone. He often organizes events and activities that encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to learn about science in a fun, engaging way. Whether it’s teaching children how to code or helping adults master new technologies, Louis is passionate about giving people the tools they need to explore the world around them.

When asked about his work at AMNH Online, Louis said, “I’m really proud of the interactive experiences I’ve been able to create for our online visitors. It’s great to see people from all over the world connecting with the museum and discovering something new.”

Louis Griffiths is a true example of how technology can be used to bring science to life in meaningful ways. Louis is also passionate about helping others learn and grow. He works with a variety of organizations to help provide access to educational resources and opportunities to those who may not have had the chance before. His work in this area has been instrumental in inspiring young minds and opening up doors for people from all walks of life.