Check YouTube Channel Monetization Status on LenosTube

Using LenosTube’s new and efficient Chrome extension, you can find out whether or not a video or channel is monetized on YouTube. Simply paste the video URL and click on “Check Monetization”. It will give you a summary of the video or channel’s authenticity, monetization status, and an approximation of how much money it has earned since its publication date.

How do you check if a YouTube channel is monetized or not?

There are times when you can create a great YouTube account and have everything that is needed to be monetized, but the almighty algorithm refuses to allow it to happen. This is where LenosTube comes in. Check YouTube Channel Monetization Status on LenosTube offer services that are aimed to increase your account’s watch hours so that it can meet the required 4000+ watch hours necessary for monetization. They do this by using natural and organic methods that are safe, reliable, and legal.

The best part is that LenosTube provides you with channels that already fulfill all the requirements for monetization, but the monetizing process starts only after you become the owner of the channel. This is important because YouTube has evolved to be able to detect when a monetized channel changes hands and immediately flags it for removal.

You can even choose to get a fully custom monetized channel that is tailored to your niche. This is a good option for those who want to be in control of every aspect of the channel’s content and look. It will take a little longer to get to the point where the channel can be monetized, but the wait is well worth it.

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