Land Rover Defender Rebuilds

land rover defender rebuilds

Whether you are in the market for a new land rover defender rebuilds or looking to upgrade your old one, it’s important to choose the right shop.

Here at Xerbera Automotive, we take pride in building classic land rover defenders that are restored to the level of strength and performance that rivals showroom quality. Our team has a vast amount of experience in building these storied vehicles and brings a lot of expertise to your project.

The Defender is a tough, all-terrain vehicle that has become a staple of the British car maker’s line-up since it was introduced in 1948. With an enviable reputation for reliability, the Defender has survived many hardships to go on to serve people around the world as a workhorse and off-roader.

The Beauty of a Refurbished Land Rover: A Comprehensive Guide to the Restoration Process

During its time as a Land Rover, the Defender has seen many changes, both in terms of design and technology. It’s now built on the all-new D7X platform, which Land Rover claims is three times stronger than any other body-on-frame SUV on the market.

The Defender has a long list of features designed for off-roading, including an automatic locking centre and rear diffs, raised air intakes for wading rivers, roof racks with ladders, and side-mounted ‘gear’ carriers. It also has an optional winch, hidden behind the front grille, which can pull a maximum of 4,536kg. It can also be equipped with a full-size spare tire, which is mounted on the swing gate.

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