Scan URL Online For Phishing and Other Cyber Threats

An scan URL online scanner is a tool that instantly scrutinizes hyperlinked data, ensuring it’s safe to access. These security tools examine the underlying web link against threat intelligence to detect and prevent phishing activities, malware infections, and other cyber threats.

An advanced URL malware scanner, IPQS uses a combination of blacklists with deep machine learning to conduct a phishing inspection and determine whether a website is malicious or not. This ensures no false positives by scanning a URL against multiple threat intelligence sources. Furthermore, by performing all scanning in-house, the service can provide faster results and more accurate data compared to similar URL scanner services that rely on Google’s Safe Browsing. The free tool also includes additional security features like parked domain detection and real-time content analysis. It can be deployed with SOAR and SIEM applications such as Splunk threat intelligence, Palo Alto, Swimlane, IBM QRadar, and more to enrich attack surface mapping, phishing, malware detection, and vulnerability scanning.

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The tool analyzes file hashes, IP addresses, and URLs to check for a database of reports on malware infections, including Trojans, viruses, spyware, ransomware, trojan horses, rootkits, and other unwanted software. It also checks the domain infrastructure against dozens of security parameters to determine its safety. This information is then used to create an instant risk score, allowing users to decide whether or not a URL is safe. The API also allows developers to embed the tool into their products, enabling them to scan for phishing risks and other vulnerabilities in their own websites.

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