Spray Foam Insulation – What is United Spray Foam LLC?

Insulation Contractor is a powerful insulation material that restricts air flow and improves your home’s energy efficiency*. It’s a great choice for new construction projects, attics, crawl spaces, and rim joists, as well as existing homes and metal buildings. It’s also an eco-friendly option, as it stops moisture from accessing your house, reducing the need for dehumidifiers and humidifiers to remove the dampness and mold that could otherwise affect your health and the longevity of your property.

Why Spray Foam Insulation is Ideal for Modern Homes

Using a rig that’s essentially a giant blender, 2 types of composite materials are combined and chemically reacted to form spray foam insulation. Then, the rig sprays this insulation around an area that needs insulating – such as an attic or crawl space in a new build home, or an open wall in a pole barn or commercial structure.

Once sprayed, the foam expands to fill every gap, crack and crevice. This creates a protective barrier that’s not only strong and breathable, but also more effective than fiberglass or cellulose insulation at keeping heat in during the winter and cooling air in during the summer.

Keeping conditioned air trapped in your home with spray foam insulation will prevent your HVAC system from working as hard to keep the climate balanced, cutting down on your electricity usage and lowering your energy bills. It will also reduce your use of other climate-control devices, such as space heaters, ceiling fans and box fans. This can add up over time and help lower your electricity bills further.

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