What Are Invisalign Power Ridges?

invisalign power ridge

If you’re an power ridges invisalign patient, you’ve likely heard of “power ridges” and even seen them on a few of your aligner trays. These small bumps are meant to strengthen the grip of your aligner on specific teeth, allowing for more precise and effective movement.

These attachments are shaped like little plastic bumps that can be found on the back side of your teeth, close to where your gum line meets the crown. They’re designed to help your aligner grab onto a tooth and aid in translation, tipping, torquing, and rotational movements.

Bridging the Gap: The Power of Precision with Invisalign’s Power Ridge Innovation

During the alignment process, your clear aligners will move your teeth into their new positions. Depending on the amount of movement you have planned and your dentist’s recommendation, you may need to use the power ridges on some of your teeth during treatment. This will be determined by your doctor during a consultation and can be shown to you on the ClinCheck digital treatment simulation.

Power ridges are designed to control lingual root torque in the upper and lower incisors during torque movements with the Invisalign system. Several studies have examined the effect of different power ridge depth designs on incisor torque movements. However, it remains unclear whether the power ridges are capable of controlling the lateral incisor torque during retraction and intrusion of the lateral incisors. If the lateral incisors fail to intrude with the retraction of the anterior teeth, this can result in gapping or non-tracking.

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